Saturday, November 29, 2008

YSM35B Assemble the Control Box

This is the seventh in the series of instructions on how to build the YSM35B Vibrating 35mm DOF Adapter. In the last part we extended the wiring for the pancake motor. We now assemble a control box.

Test Wiring

This part is temporary to see if the switches and wires are good. It also has a short note on filling the connector holes with solder. If you're feeling confident you can skip this part.

Control Box Assembly

The parts and tools you will need for this portion:

Phono Plugs (RS 274-0852)
Rheostat + Power Switch or Mini Volume Control (RS 271-0215)
Project Enclosure (RS 270-1801)
AA Battery Holder (1x - RS 270-401A or 2x RS 270-382A + Snap Connector)
AA Batteries
Soldering Iron/Gun
Silver Bearing Solder (RS 64-025)
Drill with 1/8" and 1/4" bits
RCA cable
Eye Protection

Take the Mini Volume Control switch and look at the connector poles. There should be a marking 1,2,3 or just 3 on it. Solder the red wire of your battery holder to the outer pole #3. Take a splice of wire (red) and solder that to the back pole of the phono plug.

Remember to wear safety glasses when operating the drill. Little burrs tend to fly!

Take both and do a test fit in the project box. Mark the locations and start drilling. Both of the parts I used fit through a 1/4" hole. Drill a holes, using a smaller pilot first, at low speed then gradually speed up. Once you punch the holes in, pull the drill bit out partially and run it in reverse to clean it out. You can usually remove any burrs by hand. Once clean you can do another test fit. Rheostats and Volume Switches have a tab on one side to keep it from rotating. Tap another smaller hole for it with a 1/8" bit. If there are obstructions you can use a sanding bit or cutter to clean them out.

Take your phono plug and solder a red wire to the pole on the back. This pole connect to the middle part of the phono connector. We will use this for the positive wire. Remove the washer, middle conductor and spacer from the phono plug. We are probably discarding the spacer. Slip the phono plug with its positive wire into the project box. Then slip the middle/outer conductor and washer on. The middle/outer conductor will be used for negative and transmits power though the outer metal of the phono plug. Tighten the washer.

Tin the black wire on the battery holder as well as the middle/outer conductor. Solder the black wire together to the middle conductor.

Now attach the volume control switch to the project box. Put the spacer on the front and tighten with the washer. With the connector poles pointing up make sure the red wire on pole #3 is out of the way. Tin the middle pole #2. Tin the red wire from the phono plug as well. Then hold the solder iron to the middle pole to keep it liquid. Poke the end of the phono's red wire through the pole. Remove the soldering iron.

Inspect your connections to verify that red and black aren't wires aren't directly touching. This would cause a short.

At this point you now have a working control box. You can plug a battery in and turn on the Volume Control switch to maximum (clockwise). Take the vibrating motor and touch the 'blue/black' wire to the outer metal part of the phono plug. Then touch the red wire to the middle metal part of the same plug. The motor should vibrate.

What's Next?
Review the final control box and differences in design to the original.

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