Saturday, November 29, 2008

YSM35B Finalize the Adapter

This is the tenth in the series of instructions on how to build the YSM35B Vibrating 35mm DOF Adapter. In the last part we attached the motor to the adapter. Now we finalize the vibrating adapter.

Finalize the Adapter

Tools you will need for this portion:

Glue gun
Metal ruler

Remove ring #3 and adjust the focus screen distance. Do the same adjustment for infinity focus as you did earlier in the series. Once you have the distance right, glue the top focus screen mount to the stilts. Tap the glue gun to the edge of the stilts and let it drip down to the mount. Pull the glue gun away carefully to not drop any on the focus screen. Do all three stilts. Then glue the motor as well. Allow to cool. Then close everything up!

The above video has an extra section explaining one battery versus two.

Premiliminary Demo

Above is a demo using the 1 battery setup. You can see some oscillation in the image. Unlike the YSM35A this model is running too slow. I've changed back to the original 2 battery design.

That's it!
I hope you had fun during this build. Watch for future updates. Now go out there and make movies. Good luck!


Unknown said...

is a vibrating adapter always noisy? are there any super silent vibrators?

Mike said...

Hi Muz,
Unfortunately most vibrating adapters are noisy. If there is a quiet one I do not know it. Spinning adapters are silent.

Unknown said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks, for a vibrating adapter there are good GGs with condensers. How do spinners handle the hotspots?

Mike said...

Hi Muz,
You need to put your own condenser in for spinners. You can find Plano-Convex (PCX) lenses from such places as Anchor Optics.