Saturday, January 2, 2021

Comparison of Ergotron HX Heavy Duty Tilt Head vs Original

The Ergotron HX is unable to take the weight of a Samsung G9 while maintaining tilt functionality due to the severe shape and difference in Center of Gravity. Previous to the new Heavy Duty Tilt Head (Part: 98-540-216) users have resorted to ties, jamming screws and retrofited base stand head to affix their monitors.
The new Heavy Duty head can be identified by the more prominent side bolts and screws on the top of the head. It may be a manufacturing variance but this new head also appears generously lubricated and an off-grey color compared to the original.

Tips for Updating Samsung Odyssey G9 Firmware

The exe file that comes from Samsung is compressed with ALZip, which is available from the Windows Store. You can open the file for self-extraction or use that application to decompress the IMG file within. Copy the file to the root directory of a FAT32 (surprisingly NTFS also worked for me) USB stick. Unplug the USB Type B plug from the rear of the monitor if it is attached. Then attach the USB stick to the outermost port on the rear. If you plug into the innermost port it will not update.
Go to the front of the monitor and use the OSD stick to go the the Menu. Choose Support -> Software Update. If you followed the steps correctly the stick will start flashing as it is read. If it does not read it may be you forgot to unplug the USB Type B which causes the monitor to become a hub, stick may be in the wrong USB port, or file is not in root directory. Update should take less than 5 minutes. A progress bar is displayed.