Saturday, October 31, 2009

Neoscene and Vegas Pro 8 editing notes

Finally bought Neoscene after two years of using free solutions. The MOV files from the 7D are just too much for editing on my Q6600. Renders to WMV and MP4 frequently crashed. With Neoscene its a bit better, not perfect though. When rendering a long clip or rendering JPGs remember to 'Selectively Pre-render'. It will use the Cineform codec on the HDV format (1440x1080) for a 1920x1080 project by default. To remedy this create a custom format with 1920x1080. I removed interleave. Render the final to the AVI Cineform same format. Trying to render directly to WMV or MP4 may still crash Vegas due to memory. Therefore use the final rendered AVI to transcode to the WMV/MP4 format of your choice. This one will succeed. The multigeneration format will hold up given that Cineform is supposed to be visually lossless. Make sure to close all other programs before starting to give Vegas the most memory possible.

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