Friday, October 2, 2009

EOS 7D body arrived

I have my Canon EOS 7D (damn you Nikon!) body but no lenses. I ordered the 18-55mm IS USM kit lens from a different vendor to use as reference but it hasn't arrived. While the battery is charging I tried out my Nikon 28mm MF AI with a Kawa Nikon to EOS body adapter. It gave me a scare when the second time I tried it, the lens came lose. I felt cold as I thought about how to remove the adapter from the brand new body. So I discover how to mount a Nikon lens correctly by practicing with an N6000 film body. Hence my previous post. Good thing I had a body cap too while I figured it out. I put the lens back on to the Canon and unlocked the entire assembly. I take it out and put it back on to be sure I knew how to do it properly.

One thing I notice immediately, my viewfinder image is fuzzy even with infinity focus set. And the focus screen image is darker with a mottled look. I don't remember it looking this way on the 5d and T1i on the shop floor. Is this normal on a 7D? I'll have to ask the guys at DVInfo. I'm a noob again.

In about 2.5-4 hours the battery will be charged. Live View will give some clarity (pun intended).

Update: There viewfinder looked blurry and dark due to the LCD overlay. Once a battery is inserted into the body it clears up.

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