Monday, May 14, 2007

Things to consider for 24 frames per second

I've almost always shot progressive. It builds discipline. The higher frame rate of 60i has it uses but most of the time I still shoot as if I'm on 30p/24p. Here is a video to help illustrate some of the differences in style when using lower frame rates. 35mm users trying to emulate film style probably learn this as they go along.

Sorry, video unavailable due to Stage6 shutting down.

Original video is 720x400 which can be run fullscreen.
Apologies if DivX player doesn't agree with you.

The two basic rules are:
1) Avoid sudden movements
2) Try to shoot from a fixed position

All these shots were taken with a monopod. In the beginning of the above video I do a relatively slow pan. As you will notice, the fast moving objects like cars and people show a bit of the 24p stutter. Higher frame rates are better for higher movement. If you need to move fast or capture really fast objects look at 60i. Besides the subjects you have to consider your own movement. Panning takes patience and thinking ahead. You have to learn how fast you can twist the video head and appear smooth. And don't try to stop the head too quickly unless its an effect you mean to use. It can be jarring.

In the middle part I walk with the monopod to the middle of the center island. The shock of walking, especially with my flat footed step, can send the camcorder bobbing and yawing all over the place. The stuttering effect of 24p accents this. Unless you're trying to duplicate the beachhead scene from Saving Private Ryan you may not want to move around with 24p unless you have a well balanced base. I've driven in cars with 24p and gotten good video. But walking is always tricky.

In the later middle portion I show 24p sped up. Its a bit of a cheat. I would have used a sky scene but didn't have one. Sped up footage of nature scenes look nice when all the frames are progressive.

In the last portion I zoom in a bit. You have to realize that zooming means that any unintentional movement of the camera results in big movement of the image. So practice the steadiness of your hand. Try to keep a comfortable position so your nervous body movements don't transmit from the monopod/tripod to your camera.

From one amateur to another, have fun working in 24p.


AG said...

How did you put this video on Blogger? Thanks, PSC

Mike said...

Hey PSC,
You can embedd objects into blogger. Go to stage6 or youtube and get the object html code. Paste it in your post and away you go.

AG said...

I was using youtube, and then Vimeo b/c of quality, just uploaded to Stage6.
The quality keeps getting better and better!