Monday, May 21, 2007

Melancholy of a Travelling Man

Low resolution 320x200 version further compressed by Youtube Sorenson codec.

Shot in PF24 mode mostly in TV 48 with custom effect. Shallow DOF in the opening scene was achieved using 28mm Nikon f/2.0 at full wide. The wild flower scene used the standard lens taking advantage of the shallow DOF inherent in the 1/2.7" sensor. Custom effect was Color Depth 0, Sharpness -1, Contrast -1, Brightness -1. The only shot with color correction was the city lights view from the air. Gamma was adjusted to hide the low light grain.


GoGo said...

Nice video. I bought my HV20 a month ago and found you via dvinfo.

Im curious how that divx file is hosted and do you have to pay for bandwidth?

I notice you used a 28mm lens, do you have a Brevis or something similar?


Mike said...

Hi Aaron,

The DivX is hosted by Stage6 (http;// So far it's free.

As for my adapter, it's something I built myself. It's a static adapter right now. You can find the details in the earlier posts of the blog. The Brevis does seem to be a very good unit, at least Dennis did post some impressive footage, and if I had money I would be looking at that. But I don't so I use what I have. 8-)


Miha said...

Can you tell me please how do u convert to divx ? (Whick Tool ??)