Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Right Tools

You can't do the job right without the tools.

* Precision Philips #00 screwdriver
* Cutting Tools: Handsaw, Rotary Tool/Drill, Box cutter
* Sandpaper
* Metric Ruler with metal edge
* Eye Protection

Sacrificing the Nikon EM

I had to buy the philips #00 screwdriver to remove the screws from the camera body. Fortunately the local Ace Hardware sold it in singles since I already had toolkits with other sizes. For cutting plastic and plywood, choose your poison. I have a Dremel XPR 400 with a circle cutter to make my circle cuts. It's also possible to do the job with a box cutter if you don't mind taking a while to cut through plywood. I would have used particle board but I couldn't find any. At one point I considered using carton but I was worried my screws wouldn't hold on that material. It would still work with glue but I want to prototype first. The sandpaper is good for removing burrs on wood and plastic. As for the Metric ruler, its just easier to deal with millimeters than fractions of an inch for precision work. The eye protection is standard but shouldn't be ignored!

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