Thursday, March 15, 2007

The beginning of the Depth of Field experiment

To record our field games I bought a cheap Mini-DV camera. We were going to make a nice group video to commemorate the year and I thought it would be nice to do film-look with shallow DOF. So I read up on how to do it, and bought a bunch of Neutral Density filters to control the f/stops. But we never got time to try it since we were busy running around the game field. It didn't help that the camcorders pulled double duty as helmet cam recorders.

Anyway I never got to try the filter technique but still went ahead with the video. Some lucky angles and amateur composition took out most of the distracting elements in the image. Queue in a good story and dramatic soundtrack to top it all off. The video was done but not as nice as we want it.

Now we're embarking on a new endeavor. We're setting up video reviews of game gear so I'm back at the DOF question. My brother has been using DSLRs and is pretty good at it. He pointed out 35mm DOF adapters from M2. From there I backtraced it to the Agus35 documented in Yippee! Another topic for my evil experiments! Soon I shall flood the world with exceedingly bad and cheesy videos!


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