Monday, November 13, 2023

Windows 11 Update crash due to Explorer Patcher

While patching Windows 11 from 21H2 to 22H2 the first boot would result in Explorer.exe crashing continually and restarting. This makes it difficult to control the computer. If you are lucky you can trigger Task Manager via CTRL-ALT-DEL to kill explorer. Run menu in Task Manager will allow you to run individual programs but do not minimize otherwise you might not be able to reopen. If unable to get to Task Manager, power down three times to trigger the boot up failure menu. Revert the quality update in this menu.

Now you have two options:
1) Patch Explorer Patcher to the latest version available in GitHub:
2) Temporarily Uninstall Explorer Patcher then reinstall after Quality Update is complete.

There is no Auto Update for Explorer Patcher so you have to remember to do this periodically or before each quality update.

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