Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vibrating 35mm DOF adapter completed

After almost a year I get back to completing my vibrating adapter. This time I switched the ground glass from the Nikon F3 Type D to a Canon Ee-A focus screen. I made a holder out of three syringe plungers, a key card, and the lid from a can of pringles chips. I kid you not, it's that ghetto. But it works. The pancake motor and motor controls are reused from the previous attempt. The assembly seems to work well.

Parts Currently Used
1 Canon Ee-A focus screen (Canon USA Part#YN2-3558-000)
1 "Asian" Macro Extension Tube with Nikon Mount (ebay)
2 58mm Filters (ebay)
1 58mm Bower +10 Singlet Macro (ebay)
1 Lid from a Pringles can (corner store-any flavor!)
1 Key card (in my pocket-any flat plastic will do)
3 Syringe plungers (generous individual)
1 43-55 Step-Up ring (ebay)
1 55-58 Step-Up ring (ebay)
1 2xAA Battery Holder (Radioshack)
2 AA Batteries (supermarket)
1 40-ohm Rheostat (radioshack)
1 2-way flip switch (radioshack)
1 splice of wire (old CAT5 works)
1 RG-45 connector (from an old telephone)
1 RG-45 socket (from a DSL suppressor)
4 machine screws (Home Depot)
12 machine nuts (Home Depot)
1 plank of plywood (Michael's craft store)

Tools Used
1 two-part epoxy (for asian tube to 58mm)
1 Dremel (for cutting the holder)
1 Carbide tip (for cutting the holder)
1 Drill with various small drillbits
1 Boxcutter
1 Scissors
1 Soldering Iron
1 spool of Solder wire
1 nail clipper
1 magnifying lens
2 rulers
1 mechanical pencil
1 hot-glue gun
1 roll of electrical tape
1 packet of heat shrink tubing

I'll have to explain the build and post sample footage in a later post. It's going to be a long story. And be careful when trying to source those syringe plungers. Apparently some states won't let you buy them without a prescription. I tried getting it over the counter once and I was given odd looks. I forget that insulin syringes might also be used for other drug applications thus these could be regulated where you live. There are alternatives such as nylon screws or carbon fiber wires.

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