Sunday, February 10, 2008

Protecting the Canon WD-H43 Wide Angle Lens

DIY WD-H43 Filter Adapter with UV Filter and White Balance Cap

The WD-H43 has no filter ring and uses a strange cap size. As it is there is little to protect the nice high definition lens from stray projectiles, sea spray, leaves, and twigs. I like to shoot outdoors romping merrily through grass, twigs and branches while grown men with toy guns lob tiny plastic pellets at upwards of 280fps. Needless to say I was worried for my lens.

So I asked around but found no easy answers to solutions. Someone did point me to a CAVision lens clamp to adapt 75mm lens, the WD-H43 is 74.5mm which is close enough, to 77mm which I ordered from my favorite camera store. That was late September 2007. It's been on backorder since then and delivery won't happen until middle of 2008 if all goes well. Naturally I was frustrated in not being able use the lens with the great abandon I prefer. I tried a few ideas to hold a filter including using rubber plumbing parts. Finally I've come up with an interim solution that works.

A failed experiment

I use a spare lens cap for the WD-H43 and then cut out a hole for the lens. I glued a 77mm filter ring on to it then mounted my choice of 77mm filter. In this case I chose a low profile 77mm UV multicoated filter like those used in DSLRs. I did some experiments on how deep a stack I could use without the rings showing in the footage and the most it might do ('m guessing) is two. It would be three if I kept the glass on the glued on ring but I didn't. I shot test video which will be posted at a later date. Update: The LCD doesn't show the overscan area so it appears that more than 1 ring on the stack would be visible in the footage. Not one wanting to crop good video out, I put the filter glass back on.

For now here's some pictures to give you an idea of what it looks like.

DIY WD-H43 Filter Adapter with UV Filter without the White Balance Cap

DIY WD-H43 Filter Adapter with UV Filter only

DIY WD-H43 Filter Adapter with UV Filter and White Balance Cap


Phil said...

Hello! I wondered how you embedded (maybe the wrong term) the HD video clips on your blog that have the transparent controls, and scaling, etc. I am pretty sure it's Flash, but is it just a regular Flash video, or do you have to have Flash to pull that off?

Mike said...

Hi Phil, my HD videos are hosted on vimeo and I'm using their embedded flash.

Unknown said...

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