Friday, July 27, 2007

Sleep is Close Behind

Shot in PF24 mode with Shutter Priority (TV) 6. Camera was inside the car propped against a seat on a monopod and a backpack. Driving was done well within the speed limit trying to avoid large bumps. Captured footage to Sony Vegas as M2T then increased speed to 12x by setting clip speed to maximum (4x) and adding maximum velocity envelope (3x).

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bleach Bypass on HDV

I've been trying out various Bleach Bypass techniques on 60i and 24p footage. It appears source matters a lot. HDV is 4:2:0 while DV is 4:1:1 for NTSC. It appears that DV with its compressed colors is easier to bleach using color curves, saturation, and color overlay. HDV, at least the color rich kind made by the HV20, needs to be desaturated to as low as 20% on the bottom layer. Sometimes it even helps to give a color tinge to the entire clip too. More experimentation to be done!